Sundance Film Festival - 1/17/13

We'll be at Sundance. How about you? Be sure to drop a note and say hello. We'd love to see you!

Next Iron Chef: Redemption - 11/4/12

Next Iron Chef returns on 11/4! Watch as former Next Iron Chef challengers battle it out to restore their names and reputations in Kitchen Stadium.

HMMA Nomination - 10/15/12

We are very pleased to share that the new version of the Intervention theme has been nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award, Best Original Theme Music - TV Show!

Intervention Season Premiere - 8/13/12

The new season of Intervention premieres August 13. Tune in to check it out and hear the new version of the theme!

Iron Chef America Set Visit - 7/25/12

The whole CineMedia Music crew dropped by the Iron Chef America set today. The Chairman was gracious and very complimentary. The battle was epic. Almost like watching at home...... but with Smell-O-Vision. Allez cuisine!

Intervention Theme Update - 5/22/12

Craig is hard at work in the studio working on an updated version of the Intervention theme for Season 13! Slaperoo master Andy Graham recorded some amazing rhythm tracks while the always amazing Darryl Phinnessee cries out as the voice of humanity. New episodes, and an updated theme, coming soon!

ASCAP I Create Music Expo - 4/19/12

Craig will be appearing at the ASCAP I Create Music Expo and serving as a mentor for the 1-on-1 programs. Sign up for a session or drop by and say hi.

Seymour Duncan - 3/9/12

A few great conversations about odd projects and recording have turned into an endorsement deal. Better yet, the fine folks at Seymour Duncan are helping work out some of my stranger concepts. Experimentation ahead. This will definitely be fun.

Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs - 10/30/11

Season 4 of Next Iron Chef premieres on Sunday, October 30. Tune in to check out The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs.

Iron Chef Soundtrack Now Available - 11/30/10

The Iron Chef America and Next Iron Chef soundtrack is now available as either a physical CD or Digital download!! Find it here or at your favorite online retailers.

Creme Fraiche - 11/18/10

I love these guys!! Once again, South Park has wrapped up their season by skewering one of my shows and my music!! Their tastefully tasteless satire included Alton Brown hosting the "Hell's Kitchen Nightmares Iron Top Chef Cafeteria Throwdown Ultimate Cookoff Challenge" Check it out!

Soundtrack Preview Available Now - 10/05/10

The digital-only preview of the Iron Chef America and Next Iron Chef soundtrack is now available!! Find it here or at your favorite digital reseller.

The Next Iron Chef - 10/04/10

The Next Iron Chef, season 3, debuted to record numbers!! Congratulations to everyone on the production team and the network. Watch for the soundtrack release tomorrow, October 5!

Soundtrack News - 9/5/10

The Iron Chef and Next Iron Chef Original Soundtrack is coming October 5! Thank you to all the fans who have been asking for the album. You can find more information here.

A Very South Park Intervention - 4/29/10

Last night's season finale of South Park featured a hilarious parody of Intervention and my music! Check it out.

Watercress Gate - 1/14/10

Iron Chef America's Super Chef Battle Season Premiere lead to a Washington Scandal that was revealed last night by Steven Colbert who broke the news on his show, The Colbert Report. Lettuce all hope this doesn't lead to endless Senate Herrings. We too hope to enjoy the Colbert Bump.
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Intervention News - 9/15/09

Intervention won the 2009 Emmy for Outstanding Reality Program! Congratulations to Sam Mettler, Dan Partland, and everyone over at GRB. I'm so proud to do my part!